eviction processing service

Welcome to Eviction Processing Service!


Eviction Processing Services Inc. will provide you with the following points of service listed below for the Flat Fee of $125


• If they don't pay, they won't stay!

• We will come to you 24/7

• Professional Vehicle – Upon request, Free of charge, we'll use our "Evict-Mobile" when posting or serving your tenant.

• We will supply and assist you in completing all the eviction documents.

• We will cross check the info you provided us with the public records, to insure accuracy and avoid possible delays.



• We will expedite the paper flow throughout the whole Eviction Process.

• We will communicate with you minimum, weekly, through e-mail updates, to inform you the progress of your Eviction.

• You will get cell # of your very own Expediter, to answer any questions 24/7



• We will meet the sheriff at the property for any assistance.

• Take 6 to 10 photos of the property to provide owner a glimpse of property condition

• We could arrange to have the locks change.

• Send the owner the keys as well as photos of the property via electronic album

• We could arrange the cleaning and repair of the unit.


*Discount Savings for high volume customers

Providing Assistance with the Eviction Process in Florida

At Eviction Processing Service Inc. we are experienced in dealing with the Florida eviction process. We understand how much of a hassle evicting tenants can be so we provide assistance in making your Florida eviction a stress free process.

Florida Eviction Process and Notice

Our staff is experienced in dealing with the many details involved to begin the eviction process in Florida. As landlords ourselves, we understand how this process can interrupt your business. Our dedicated staff is prepared to send your Florida eviction notice out as fast as possible so that you can get back to conducting business as usual. Contact us today and start your eviction process now!